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Michelle Rico CEO PSPMichelle Rico Chief Executive Officer
Proto Script Pharmaceuticals, Corp

Michelle is a 20 year veteran of the medical industry. She has built her reputation by working closely with insurance companies, clinics, doctors’ offices, hospitals, pharmacies and home medical equipment (HME) companies. As an experienced leader, her knowledge of operations in the medical industry is second to none.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to all areas of HME and is continuously helping her clients win countless reviews, audits, and hearings. She is described by staff and colleagues as dedicated, full of integrity, resourceful, sharp, and helpful.

Her 20 plus years in the industry has given her extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and Medicare/Medicaid. Michelle and her team can help a company with all billing and compliance related issues. She has the ingenuity and resourcefulness to get clients paid on all products and how to document it.

She founded MD & Associates a billing and consulting company in 1999. MD & Associates, Inc. had billed for over 250 million dollars in revenue to Medicare and had won over 12 million dollars for its clients in Reviews and Hearings. Special focus is given to billing secondary insurance to ensure timely payment.

“When we bill patients for our clients. The patients are treated with respect and payment plans are negotiated, resulting in as much as 15% of the revenues obtained for clients coming from their patients. We have Federal and State compliances issues assessed and addressed. If necessary, we provide documentation training for staff, both in person and online. Our intimate knowledge of some top 20 companies' sales and marketing programs has helped our clients get to the next level. We want our clients to learn what to bill for and to make the most from their patients.”

Terry Moffit is a 26 year veteran of the HME/DME field. He has work experience with many different insurance companies, doctor's offices, hospitals and home medical companies. He has experience in HIPPA, medical laws and billing. He has attended extensive training on realted subjects and continues his training to keep up with current regulations and laws in this ever changing industry. In the past years he has gained experience in setting up policies and procedures, licensing, accrediting and passing audits for many companies. He has experience working with various billing software programs and continues to expand his knowledge on Medicare and Medicaid billing by continually attending training seminars.

He specializes in Medi-Cal Billing, a beast of its own. He brings a broad level of experience to the table and he will help guide you through process and explain it in terms that you can understand. With his 26 years of experience in the industry Terry can tackle any problem company's may face them today.

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