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Your mobility equipment is only as good as the maintenance it receives. PSP Homecare believes that having a proper maintenance plan in place is the first step to enjoying more of what your mobility equipment has to offer. That is why PSP Homecare offers our exclusive maintenance packages to ensure that your equipment gets the care that it needs to provide you with many years of reliable service.

Professional Mobility Equipment Maintenance Plans

We realize the importance of your mobility scooter or power chair and we want you to rest assured knowing that PSP Homecare’s professional technicians will treat your mobility equipment with care and provide you with a comprehensive maintenance plan that you can live with.

PSP Homecare will fully inspect your mobility equipment and make note of any worn or broken parts so we can replace them, keeping you safe and your mobility equipment in peak operating condition. We will inform you of any work completed and alert you to any problem areas.

You Get More with PSP Homecare

With PSP Homecare’s comprehensive maintenance plan, you get:

  • Multi-Point Inspection of Your Power Chair or Scooter
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Qualified Technicians and Factory Trained Professionals
  • Caring, Supportive Staff
  • PSP Homecare’s Commitment to Excellence

When you rely on your power chair or scooter for your independence and mobility, repair delays can slow you down. PSP Homecare’s proven dependable maintenance plan can effectively reduce repairs and down time by keeping your mobility equipment in working order and by replacing weak or worn parts at the first sign of trouble.

Connect With Us

Contact PSP Homecare today and ask about one of our comprehensive maintenance packages and find out which one is right for you. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will discuss our mobility equipment maintenance packages and explain the benefits of a proper maintenance plan for you equipment today.

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