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Financing Mobility Equipment

Purchasing mobility equipment can be a difficult but necessary decision. Difficult due to the costs that come along with quality mobility equipment; necessary because a power chair or scooter can mean increased independence and the freedom to go wherever you choose without worrying about limited mobility.

Financing Mobility Equipment is Easy

With access to dedicated lending platforms, purchasing and owning mobility equipment is easier than ever; let PSP Homecare show you how you can get the power chair or scooter you need at prices you can afford with our innovative financing plans. Our experts make the financing process relatively easy and affordable for our clients.

Creative financing can be obtained for mobility equipment lift purchases and we can work with you to find potential finance sources and access to low cost loan programs through your home state. In certain instances, grants may even be available to assist those looking for accessibility products.

In-House Financing for Everyone

PSP Homecare wants to make our clients comfortable in their homes. The cost of mobility equipment can become prohibitive for most people and we want to change that. Our in-house financing department provides individualized solutions that will guarantee a power chair or mobility scooter for those who need one. It’s easier than you think and PSP Homecare can make it happen for you.

To find out if you qualify for instant financing on your mobility equipment, simply call us or fill out the form below and one of our Home Mobility Consultants will be happy to talk to you about your financing needs.

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